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The Ledger, Jan. 7: The week that was in Canadian accounting news

Ontario Hydro talking points and BC court cases

Author: Colin Ellis

TORONTO, Jan. 7, 2018 – Canadian Accountant's weekly round-up of Canadian accounting news stories: 

Hydro Accounting a Talking Point for Ontario Tories

It looks like opposition parties in Ontario won’t be doing the accounting profession any favours in the lead-up to this summer’s hotly contested provincial election. Northern politicans this week said the Liberals handling of the Hydro file was done with “the help of accounting experts,” as if that’s a bad thing. 

Will U.S. Tax Legislation Trump Canada?

Various new outlets are analyzing the new U.S. tax changes for their impact on Canada. We kicked off coverage with Canadian accountant Steven Flynn warning of a Canadian exodus. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has weighed in, as has the Epoch Times

Accounting Firm to Audit Farmers Market

Peterborough accounting firm McColl Turner has been brought in to audit the books of the local farmers’ market, in what looks to be a messy turf war between farmers. Organic farmers upset about resellers have made allegations centred around the checkered past of the head of the market.  

BC Real Estate Now Confusing Supreme Court Judges

Shoddy accounting practices and international money transfers have graduated from gossip to the BC Supreme Court in two separate cases reported in the Straight and Yahoo News

Colin Ellis is editor-in-chief of Canadian Accountant.

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