The Ledger, Nov. 26: The week that was in Canadian accounting news

Canada Revenue Agency: Your call is NOT important to us

Author: Jeff Buckstein

TORONTO, Nov. 26, 2017 – Canadian Accountant's weekly round-up of Canadian accounting news stories:

Your Call is Not Important to Us

Can the Canada Revenue Agency do anything right these days? Already reeling over lax enforcement, VDP changes, and blowback from Bill Morneau, the week began with the news that the CRA blocked calls, only answered about a third of inquiries, and gave people wrong information. It’s clear that the culture at the CRA needs an overhaul but the Liberals look unprepared to do it.

Phoenix Gets Burned Again

Perhaps only accountants care how civil servants get paid. After the Auditor General slammed the Phoenix payroll system this week, saying it will cost a half-billion dollars to fix it, Public Services Minister Carla Qualtrough said the government is open to other options. Qualtrough is earning plaudits from pundits from all political sides for her straight-arrow approach to the problem. Will Qualtrough replace Morneau?

Broken Frameworks

Nice job (as always) from Janet McFarland in the G&M presenting an overview of all the sustainability frameworks. All these climate-change sustainability frameworks  have the best intentions but integration is necessary.

Colin Ellis is editor-in-chief of Canadian Accountant.

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