Brian Studniberg


Brian Studniberg

Brian Studniberg is a partner at Henein Hutchison Robitaille LLP where his practice focuses on tax disputes in both civil and criminal matters including with the Canada Revenue Agency and before the courts.

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A Privilege Primer, Part II: Where do accountants fit in under existing Canadian law?

In the second of a three-part series on the Gaudreau case before the FCA in Quebec, Brian Studniberg of Henein Hutchison Robitaille LLP examines the settings in which an accountant’s work product could be protected by legal privilege

A Privilege Primer, Part I: Gaudreau reminds that there is no accountant-client privilege in Canada. But why?

Can the courts compel Canadian accountants to disclose their tax analysis? In the first of a three-part series, Brian Studniberg of Henein Hutchison Robitaille LLP looks at the Gaudreau case currently before the Federal Court of Appeal in Quebec