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The top 10 partner posts on Canadian Accountant in 2023

From Loop to Ownr to Float to Plooto, from QBO to InterVal to Xero, we present the top 10 articles that got CPAs thinking about software solutions in 2023

Author: Colin Ellis

TORONTO, December 17, 2023 – Sponsored content if done correctly can provide readers with information and insights that make their daily lives easier. When it comes to partner posts — which is what we call sponsored content at Canadian Accountant — the best articles are those that offer solutions to the challenges facing chartered professional accountants. 

Some of these partner posts featured brand-name products used by thousands of CPAs. Others feature new products or services by rapidly developing (and often homegrown Canadian) companies. If you’re looking for solutions you can leverage as an accountant, we present, in reverse order, the top 10 partner posts on Canadian Accountant in 2023.

10.  Streamlining accounting workflows and boosting efficiency with Loop

Loop is a comprehensive banking and spend management platform that offers a range of features and benefits that can greatly enhance accounting practices. Joining Loop's accounting partnership program empowers accountants to enhance their practice, drive success, and deliver exceptional value to clients.

9.  How entrepreneurship tools are strengthening the relationship between business owners and their accountants

Ownr can provide your clients with online incorporation solutions that include tailored legal documents such as bylaws, resolutions, and share issuances. Ownr was a popular topic on Canadian Accountant this year — this is just one of two Ownr articles that made it into our top 10.

8.  Intuit QuickBooks launches new Payroll plans in Canada to streamline payroll and time tracking, all in one place

Intuit QuickBooks is a brand name solutions provider known by every CPA across Canada. In October, we helped launch their new Payroll solutions plans for small business clients of accountants and bookkeepers.

7.  Accountants and bookkeepers are placing their bets on AI to enhance their business

Intuit QuickBooks also scored another hit with its article (by Gary Drysdale) on how advancements in technology, from generative artificial intelligence to machine learning, are revolutionizing the way we work with numbers. It was topical, engaging and to the point.

6.  The art of automated discovery for accountants

InterVal, a Canadian-developed software platform, automates data discovery for Canadian accountants with a business client base. Endorsed by none other than Turner Moore LLP, its platform provides automated actionable insights that can help CPAs develop new advisory services.

Xero campaign graphic
Who claimed top spot in the top 10 partner posts of the year? It was the same brand-name accounting solutions provider that also captured second spot!

5.  Why accounting and finance professionals are choosing Float corporate cards

Float makes smart corporate cards that allow you to spend, track, approve, and reconcile all your CAD and USD expenses in one simple-to-use platform. The world of corporate credit cards is a competitive business, but Toronto-based Float managed to catch readers' attention in 2023, even though its partner post was first published in 2022.

4.  How Canadian accountants will benefit from ChatGPT

Plooto is a payment solutions provider used by many accountants and bookkeepers. In this article, Randy Lasnick proves that some of the best partner posts talk about larger issues facing the profession and find a way to fold their brand into the narrative.

3.  Accountants: When is the right time for your sole proprietor or partnership clients to incorporate?

Ownr, which is owned by RBC, automates the legal process of incorporation, a costly step for many entrepreneurs on the way to building businesses. Companies like Ownr are disruptive in the best ways imaginable, transferring some of the power away from the process and giving it back to consumers.

2.  Why adopting accounting technology requires change, but that’s okay

Xero asked why the profession should follow old paradigms when accountants are using new technologies. And Aaron Doucet, a CPA and partner success manager at Xero, concludes you shouldn't. Adopting new technologies creates opportunities to rethink your business. Doucet builds on three themes to present a roadmap for the successful adoption of new technologies. 

1.  Payroll reporting in Canada is changing soon: What you need to know

Xero earned the top partner post spot of the year with an article that provided useful, timely information, and solutions that didn’t push too hard on the Xero value proposition. As a partner post, it was perfect. 

And there you have it. Ten articles by brand names that every CPA should know. 

Colin Ellis is a contributing editor to Canadian Accountant.

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