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Paying for the pandemic: Why the government’s massive coronavirus spending may not lead to higher taxes

Will pandemic debt require raising taxes and spending cuts in the future?

Editorial: Canada should zero-rate PPE for GST/HST purposes

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us PPE is essential and should be zero-rated, says Cyndee Todgham Cherniak of LexSage

Equity, deadline and when CRA is at fault

A Canadian tax lawyer analysis of Dutka v. The Queen

Loblaw wins appeal of $368 million Tax Court of Canada case

Decision benefits shareholders, pleases Loblaw, angers tax fairness advocates

Canadian post-pandemic economy to be tepid, says accounting firm RSM Canada

Monetary authorities have responded appropriately says The Real Economy
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Restarting the coronavirus economy: 4 possible steps

The four phases of a potential post-pandemic Canadian economy

Tax disputes and tax filing and payment relief efforts in the age of COVID-19

Joseph A. Gill of McKercher LLP reviews changes to tax deadlines
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Coronavirus disruption: A chance for businesses to adapt and renew

COVID-19 will create many new opportunities for businesses, says Felix Arndt

The Tax Court Of Canada tests a new procedure – The Preliminary Ruling Docket

2020 initiative driven by increased objections, case backlog
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Coronavirus: Can Canada fiscally handle ‘black swan’ events?

Canada’s provincial debt levels are troubling, says Jerome Gessaroli
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Put your trust in taxes during the coronavirus pandemic recovery

Governments amend taxes for good times and bad, says Andrew Bauer

5 fun takeaways from the 2020 Accounting & Bookkeeping Survey

The annual survey is a goldmine of information on Canadian accountants, sole practitioners and SME firms