Book Reviews

Book Review – Victory Over the CRA: An Accountant's Guide to Representing a Client

Tax Lawyer Dale Barrett wears the white hat in a timeless showdown with the CRA

Professional corporations and income for child support – Guidance from the BC Court Of Appeal

Chantal M. Cattermole of Clark Wilson LLP on a case involving competing income assessments prepared by two Canadian accountants

Rogers Enterprises (2015) Inc. v The Queen

Beware the tax trap of GAAR, says tax lawyer and accountant David Rotfleisch

Here comes the CEWS audits

Practitioners are now seeing the first CRA "small-scale" CEWS audits say Kenneth Keung and Kim G C Moody

How ScanSnap helps accountants work from home

Remote work is here to stay. A document scanner is essential hardware

Changes to the Canadian principal residence exemption – part two

Kim G C Moody provides an update to the principal residence exemption conversation

Changes coming to the Canadian principal residence exemption?

The time for change might be ripe says Kim G C Moody of Moodys Tax Law LLP

Third party penalties under the Income Tax Act

Why the landmark 2015 Guindon decision by the Supreme Court of Canada matters to Canadian accountants

What does IES 8 mean for smaller Canadian accounting firms?

Bridget Noonan, CPA, CA on how to ensure compliance with International Education Standard 8

Reconsidering Consideration – TCC concludes funding attracts HST in CanLII v The Queen

Bobby Solhi and Braek Urquhart of BLG on the CanLII sales tax implications for non-profit organizations

Director's liability and the Income Tax Act statutory limitation

Tax lawyer and accountant David Rotfleisch looks at Soulliere v The Queen

Planning to Maximize the Capital Dividend Account — Part III

The third and final part of a three-part series, "Tax Planning for the Non-Specialist Advisor: Unlocking Liquidity in Corporate Capital Losses," by Michael Goldberg of Minden Gross LLP