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So, what exactly is carbon accounting?

In recognition of World Environment Day on June 5th, Tamara Somers explains how accountants can help their clients with carbon accounting through Xero
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Driving growth and client success: The power of client advisory services in accounting

Client Advisory Services represent a paradigm shift in public accounting, explains Karen Chalmers of interVal, which automates the discovery process using AI
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The top 10 partner posts on Canadian Accountant in 2023

From Loop to Ownr to Float to Plooto, from QBO to InterVal to Xero, we present the top 10 articles that got CPAs thinking about software solutions in 2023
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Four ways accountants and bookkeepers can turn client payroll and HR data into true business intelligence

Canadian accountants and bookkeepers can help their business clients by leveraging the Payworks Workforce Analytics business intelligence payroll tool
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The art of automated discovery for accountants

Automated discovery has been a game-changer for Canadian accounting firms, their clients, and advisory services, explains Trevor Greenway of InterVal
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Accountants and bookkeepers are placing their bets on AI to enhance their business

From generative artificial intelligence (AI) to machine learning, advancements in technology are revolutionizing the way we work with numbers — enabling and accelerating accounting professionals and Canadian small businesses alike, says Gary Drysdale of Intuit QuickBooks.
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Why adopting accounting technology requires change, but that’s okay

Aaron Doucet, CPA of Xero Canada on three principles that apply to the implementation of new technology at accounting and bookkeeping firms
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Best tools for accountants to grow their practice

You're a busy accountant. In order to manage your practice, you need to have a handle on the myriad tasks and workflows that help make your firm successful
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Payroll reporting in Canada is changing soon: What you need to know

Xero has been consulting with the federal government and staying informed in order to educate and support accountants, bookkeepers and small business owners about the ePayroll Project

WFH Accountants Beware: BC tracking software case leads to global news coverage

Accounting firm wins court decision over “time theft” by accounting employee
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Embedded Analytics: The new revenue generator for financial consulting firms

Axelle Dervaux of ClicData, an end-to-end data analytics platform, explains how embedded analytics can be a useful tool for accountants and financial consultants
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MNP and Intuit QuickBooks join forces to elevate cloud accounting services for Canadian businesses

Gary Drysdale of Intuit on a shared mission to power prosperity for Canadian small businesses through QuickBooks and the MNP ease accounting solution