CRA operational update - Ten things you need to know (Fall 2020)

Stevan Novoselac of Gowling WLG on the October update from the CRA

No elation when rectification takes a vacation

John A. Sorensen of Gowling WLG looks at the recent rejection of a rectification application as retroactive tax planning

Deducting motor vehicle expenses: Gardner v The Queen

A recent Tax Court decision provides guidance for taxpayers working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Toronto employment agency owner sentenced for tax fraud

The CRA may have an ongoing project to scrutinize staffing agencies and their clients, says Canadian tax lawyer and accountant David J. Rotfleisch

Canadians will pay the bill for COVID-19 in higher taxes — here’s how it will likely happen

Gordon Pape on eight potential Canadian tax increases post-pandemic

Hansen v The Queen: The principle residence exemption and house flipping

Tax lawyer and accountant David Rotfleisch looks at a recent Tax Court ruling involving a CRA charge of gross negligence

Refinancing Prescribed-Rate Loans Used For Income Splitting

Vincent E. Didkovsky of Newport Private Wealth and Michael Goldberg of Minden Gross on minimizing the risk of a challenge from the CRA
Book Reviews

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Tax Lawyer Dale Barrett wears the white hat in a timeless showdown with the CRA

Professional corporations and income for child support – Guidance from the BC Court Of Appeal

Chantal M. Cattermole of Clark Wilson LLP on a case involving competing income assessments prepared by two Canadian accountants

WE Charity demise shows why trust, transparency are so critical for NGOs

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