David J. Rotfleisch

David J. Rotfleisch

President Trump will single-handedly make forensic accountants sexy 

The investigation into former US president Donald Trump's finances could be turned into a hit TV series, says tax accountant and lawyer David J Rotfleisch

Tax Court: No penalty for tax return filed without person's knowledge

The CRA did not rightfully impose a gross-negligence penalty in Bowker v. The Queen, explains tax accountant and lawyer David J Rotfleisch
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Filing tax returns, paying income tax, is saving us during COVID-19

Tax accountant and lawyer David J Rotfleisch says paying our income taxes is what keeps Canada a great country to live in

Recent tightening of the Voluntary Disclosures Program

The Canada Revenue Agency's VDP and the Gauthier decision
David J. Rotfleisch

CRA woeful disregard for taxpayer rights

Tax lawyer David Rotfleisch on latest Canada Revenue Agency communique
David J. Rotfleisch

Thoughts on the CRA and Canadian corporate tax gap

Are the numbers to be trusted? asks David J. Rotfleisch
David J. Rotfleisch

What the media missed in the Auditor General’s CRA report

Canada Revenue Agency does not accurately measure its performance
David J. Rotfleisch

Is the CRA’s public shaming an effective deterrent of tax evasion?

The CRA is sending a clear message that tax evasion does not pay, says David J. Rotfleisch
David J. Rotfleisch

Auditor General slams CRA for unfair treatment of taxpayers

Michael Ferguson finds the CRA unable to measure its own activities
David J. Rotfleisch

Fighting the Canada Revenue Agency no longer like fighting city hall

The Ludmer decision represents a judicial thawing of CRA liability
David J. Rotfleisch

Voluntary Disclosures Program under continued attack from Canada Revenue Agency

VDP changes are headed to the courts, predicts tax lawyer David J. Rotfleisch

The reasonable minimum standard when challenging CRA tax audits

A look at the leading case and subsequent case law