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Despite soaring profits, oil companies are not paying enough for their environmental damage

Oilsands producers are spending their windfall on buybacks and debt reduction rather than reinvestment, with implications for Alberta economy, taxation

A provincial sales tax is the solution to Alberta’s fiscal roller-coaster

The Alberta tax advantage is really an acceptance of the boom and bust cycle

5 tips arising from Ontario Divisional Court's denial of property tax exemption for lands owned by places of worship

David Tang and Jesse White of Miller Thomson on judicial treatment of satellite sites in a recent Ontario court property tax decision
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The irony behind Québec’s proposed health tax 

Fred O'Riordan, National Leader of Tax Policy at EY Canada, on whether Quebec's health tax on the unvaccinated can "move the needle"

Contesting a will in Ontario: Canadian tax lawyer guide

Provincial legislations are carefully crafted to include provisions that infringe upon and restrict an individual's testamentary freedom, says tax lawyer and accountant David J Rotfleisch
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Canada should embrace Québec’s simple incorporation system for small businesses

Québec has done little to publicize a regime that other provinces should follow

From Lysyk to Ford: An accountant’s constructive criticism on COVID-19

The Auditor General’s report gave Ford both positive and negative feedback

Why Bonnie Lysyk was right to criticize Doug Ford

The Auditor General of Ontario has a broad mandate to exercise judgment. That includes reporting on the province's pandemic response

Has Doug Ford learned from the COVID-19 criticism of Ontario’s Auditor General?

Bonnie Lysyk was critical of Ontario’s pandemic response. Was it warranted?

MNP builds business in Kingston, Ont. with local merger

National accounting firm continues to Eastern expansion
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‘New and improved’ Doug Ford doesn’t extend to the environment

Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk critical of Ford's environmental strategy

An accountant’s guide to property tax assessments across Canada

There are key differences in provincial approaches to appeals