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Put your trust in taxes during the coronavirus pandemic recovery

Governments amend taxes for good times and bad, says Andrew Bauer

5 fun takeaways from the 2020 Accounting & Bookkeeping Survey

The annual survey is a goldmine of information on Canadian accountants, sole practitioners and SME firms

Crown bound by settlement agreement to allow losses it claimed to be a fiction

Gergely Hegedus of Dentons Canada on a recent Federal Court of Appeal decision

1074022 B.C. Ltd. v. Li: The need for legislative reform

A misinterpretation of section 116 of the Income Tax Act in a BC real estate case

Changing of the guard in northern BC accounting

As Deloitte and PwC leave, MNP expands its footprint through mergers

Scott v The Queen: The importance of evidence

How two brothers came under the scrutiny of the Tax Court of Canada
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Are Canadians ready to ditch GDP as a key prosperity indicator?

Surveys show support for new indicators of progress, prosperity and protection
Thought Leaders

Inheritance tax, wealth tax and more capital gains tax: The future of Canadian taxation?

Canadian tax policy has become a hotbed of new ideas, writes Margaret O'Sullivan

3 things to consider about the new CSRS 4200 accounting standard

The new CSRS 4200 is the most impactful on firms since tax reform in 2017, says Bridget Noonan. What should your firm’s first steps be?

Survey: Risky financial behaviours keeping Canadians in debt

Insolvency practice of accounting firm MNP probes Canadians' money mistakes