Will CRA pursue directors for deferred GST/HST?

Directors should take steps to maximize their ability to successfully invoke the due diligence defence in regards to GST/HST remittance deferral
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Paying for coronavirus will have to be like war debt — spread over generations

There is no magic money tree in economics, says Anton Muscatelli

The Corporate Piggy Bank: Accessing corporate cash through use of short-term specific purposes loans

Gergely Hegedus and Keith Hennel of Dentons on short-term corporate loans during the current COVID-19 pandemic

Here's a radical idea: Slash or temporarily eliminate business taxes if you truly want to juice the economy

Ottawa should stop picking business sector winners and losers says Aaron Wudrick of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Accounting profession publishes views on beneficial ownership transparency

CPA Canada and IFAC joint report on registries as AML tools
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Biden, Keystone XL and a Green New Deal could shake up Canada’s energy industry

A Green New Deal will simply serve to accelerate current business trends
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CEWS forms for COVID-19 relief will lead to tax fraud, fuel cash economy

Those who don’t remember tax history are doomed to repeat it, says David Rotfleisch
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Governments must resist coronavirus lobbying and focus on long-term transformation

Corporations around the world are seeking another massive bailout by taxpayers
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Could COVID-19 turn Canadians from debtors into savers?

The final part of our series on the COVID-19 pandemic and economic models
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What economic model will the post-pandemic economy follow?

Part three of our series on the COVID-19 pandemic and economic models

How coronavirus is changing the rules on foreign investment in essential areas

The COVID-19 crisis appears to be speeding up the deglobalization process
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Accounting for COVID-19 economics: Same as the Great Recession?

Part two of our series on the COVID-19 pandemic and economic models