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How hiring more women IT experts improves cybersecurity risk management

Two Canadian accounting professors on the role of gender in mitigating cyber risk

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Forensic accountants and fraud examiners continue to see a rise in deepfake fraud

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Cybersecurity auditing first step to risk mitigation say UQAM accounting professors
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The increase in ransomware attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic may lead to a new internet

The future of the internet may be intranets, say Michael Parent and David R. Beatty

Cyber risk management guidance for Canadian corporate directors

Bradley Freedman of BLG outlines cyber risk management guidance and tools for corporate directors, including resources from CPA Canada

5 ways the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed cybersecurity

COVID-19 has permanently changed organizational culture and behaviour

Cyberattacks are on the rise amid work from home – how to protect your business

Professor Michael Parent on three crucial steps to protecting your data
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Your personal data is the currency of the digital age

To many tech companies, the customer is the product, says Guillaume Desjardins

With the increase in remote work, businesses need to protect themselves against cyberattacks

The “start, stop, continue” cybersecurity strategy from Professor Michael Parent

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Canadian accounting profession hit by cyberattacks during COVID-19

Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic creates new cybersecurity threats

Professor Aaron Mauro on ways to protect yourself as you WFH

EY Canada teams up to launch cybersecurity crisis communications solution

Accounting, legal and communications firms to offer a unique, made-in-Canada solution