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Jeff Buckstein

Jeff Buckstein, CPA, CGA, is an Ottawa-based business journalist.

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CPA Standoff: Why haven’t the other provinces joined the accounting rift?

Critics believe the rift represents a threat to a national unity in the Canadian accounting profession and the merger of three designations into the CPA brand

CPA Standoff: Accountants question the motives behind national accounting rift

The lack of consultation with the wider membership on its split from CPA Canada has led to accusations that the dispute is a power grab by CPA Ontario

CPA Standoff: Unique regulatory status of CPA Quebec complicates accounting rift

Unlike the rest of Canada, the accounting profession in Quebec is not self-regulated, leading to legitimate issues between l'Ordre and CPA Canada

CPA Standoff: Financial transparency a key issue in national accounting rift

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada rejects provincial claims of poor financial transparency and says it is open to doing more

CPA Standoff: Ontario government sticks to sidelines in governance dispute

In the dispute between provincial and national accounting bodies, politicians say CPA Ontario's regulatory legislation is unaffected by key disagreements in the rift

Brand value at risk in planned accounting split of Ernst & Young audit and consulting lines

In the final part of a three-part series, why there may be no alternative to the splitting of audit and consulting at any of the Big Four accounting firms

Assurance, consulting monetization driving EY audit split, say accounting experts

In part two of a three-part series, experts see the potential for EY to monetize ESG, AI, and crypto while maintaining audit independence

Are global accounting regulators driving the audit and consulting split at EY?

In part one of a three-part series, Canadian observers explain why audit independence is a regulatory factor behind the Ernst & Young split

Accounting firms pay their fines despite weak Ontario Securities Commission collection record

Report by Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk raises alarm bells over political interference and collection enforcement at the Ontario Securities Commission

Ontario Auditor General wants better communication between audit and securities watchdogs

Bonnie Lysyk and Carol Paradine comment on the Auditor General's report into the structural relationship between the Ontario Securities Commission and the Canadian Public Accountability Board

From Lysyk to Ford: An accountant’s constructive criticism on COVID-19

The Auditor General’s report gave Ford both positive and negative feedback

Why Bonnie Lysyk was right to criticize Doug Ford

The Auditor General of Ontario has a broad mandate to exercise judgment. That includes reporting on the province's pandemic response

Has Doug Ford learned from the COVID-19 criticism of Ontario’s Auditor General?

Bonnie Lysyk was critical of Ontario’s pandemic response. Was it warranted?

COVID-19: The economic wildcard of the Biden Administration

Canadian accounting, economic experts say COVID-19 will determine U.S. economic stimulus and recovery

Which Canadian economic sectors will benefit from the Biden Administration?

The economic impact on Canada will depend on who controls the U.S. Senate, say expert Canadian accountants, economists

Free trade or tariffs? How the Biden Administration will affect Canadian, global trade

China the focus of U.S. policy, say Canadian accountants, economists

Building back better: How the Canadian economy can recover from COVID-19

The fifth and final part of our economic series featuring Craig Alexander, Dimitry Anastakis, Douglas Porter and Avery Shenfeld

What will the Canadian economy look like post-pandemic?

Part four in our series: How will the Canadian economy recover from COVID-19?

Will higher taxes help the Canadian economy recover from COVID-19?

In part three of our five-part series, Canadian economists weigh in on post-pandemic taxation

Then & Now: How will the Canadian economy recover from COVID-19?

In part two of our five-part series, why the current economy compares favourably with more recent economic crises

Five-Part Series: How will the Canadian economy recover from COVID-19?

Craig Alexander, Dimitry Anastakis, Douglas Porter and Avery Shenfeld on the economic path forward, post-pandemic

Is the CRA's Northern Service Improvement Strategy enough?

Taxpayers ombudsperson says improvements still need to be made, reports Jeff Buckstein in the third of a three-part series on CRA service to northern Canada

Is the CRA unfairly targeting residents of northern Canada?

Northern Canadian communities express frustration with frequent CRA reviews, service delivery, and residence rules

Taxpayer’s ombudsman report flags CRA service issues in Northern Canada

The CRA disputes allegations of Northern Canada service issues, in the first of a three-part series by business reporter Jeff Buckstein

COVID-19: How SME accounting firms will change post-pandemic

The fifth and final story in our series on how the coronavirus crisis is accelerating change at accounting firms across Canada