CPA standoff: Ontario government sticks to sidelines in governance dispute

In the dispute between provincial and national accounting bodies, politicians say CPA Ontario's regulatory legislation is unaffected by key disagreements in the rift
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The shift to working from home will be difficult to reverse

White collar workers, including managers and executives, prefer to work from home. Employers now face the challenge of accommodation and inequities
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Black people bring unique perspectives to the accounting profession. Here’s how you can be an ally and why it’s important to do

Latisha Carter of Xero on bridging the opportunity gap for the Black community within accounting and other financial professions
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Gender diversity on corporate boards can improve organizational performance

Female board members are more likely to challenge ideas and opinions in a way the men were not, say Canadian accounting professors
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Year-End Survival KITS: Conquering payroll year-end without falling apart

Navigate your small business clients' payroll year-end with as little stress and hassle as possible. Download Wagepoint's free Year-End Survival KITs!
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Pension priorities in insolvency: Will Bill C-228 finally make them a reality?

Despite legitimate concerns from the insolvency community, a private member's bill has quietly gained traction says David Bish of Torys LLP
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Why accounting and finance professionals are choosing Float corporate cards

Float cards and Float spend management software simplify business spending

How to combat the unethical and costly use of deepfakes

Forensic accountants and fraud examiners continue to see a rise in deepfake fraud

Zvilna v. The Queen: Director's liability for unpaid taxes, a note of caution to directors

Tax lawyer and accountant David J. Rotfleisch on the successful appeal of a director’s liability assessment before the Tax Court of Canada

A unified cybersecurity strategy is the key to protecting businesses

Cybersecurity auditing first step to risk mitigation say UQAM accounting professors
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Corporate leadership: Why the tone at the top has moral consequences

CPA Michael Rousseau of Air Canada is but one example of corporate leaders failing to set the tone at the top