Part One, Seismic Shift: public practice consolidation

SME practitioners claim consolidation is happening across Canada, with implications for the communities they serve. Part one of a three-part special report

Practitioners angered by hasty CRA notice of assessments

Accounting practitioners have long complained that the wheels of the CRA move too slowly. But in the case of NOAs, they're moving too fast

The CRA responds to Canadian Accountant over NOAs

We get a response to the complaints of practitioners over notice of assessments
Bridget Noonan

The new review engagement standard

What does the new review engagement standard mean to your firm and clients? Like any good question in the accounting profession, the answer is "it depends"

Outlier: Bridgman & Durksen Chartered Accountants

How one small Ontario firm beat the odds and placed two students on the CFE National Honour Roll