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Taxes aren’t just about money — they shape how we think about each other

Research shows taxpayers perceive paying income tax, but not regressive sales taxes, as contributing as a citizen for the purpose of the common good
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Why the world is turning away from the US dollar

Geopolitical divisions with the United States will continue to cause additional friction and the role of the US dollar is almost certain to become more limited
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Australia has one of the weakest tax systems for redistribution among industrial nations – Stage 3 tax cuts will make it worse

Where does Canada rank on the global scale of income redistribution through taxation? Jim Stanford’s article on the gini coefficient provides answers
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Is capitalism dead? Yanis Varoufakis thinks it is – and he knows who killed it

In light of the deal between Canada and Google, we present this thought leadership article on technofeudalism, an economics term coined by Yanis Varoufakis
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Wealthy but worried: why the UK’s top 10% are turning their backs on the rest of society

A thought leadership article on high income earners in the UK may hold some insights into Canadian attitudes towards inequality and taxation among the wealthy
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IRS is using $60B funding boost to ramp up use of technology to collect taxes — not just hiring more enforcement agents

After a decade of underfunding, the Internal Revenue Agency is receiving a cash injection, similar to the reinvestment in the CRA by the Trudeau government

CIMA and CPA Canada sign Memorandum of Understanding

MOU will mean a wider range of employment opportunities for CPAs and will allow Canadian businesses access to a deeper pool of management accounting talent
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Challenges to free trade reveal a big change in conservative ideology

A shift in conservative ideology towards protectionism, not free trade, is not new in Canada and could have profound effects for business leaders such as CPAs
Transfer Pricing

Royal Bank Of Canada: A common sense approach to tax treaty interpretation

Michael Hunt and Steven Wenham of Herbert Smith Freehills LLP explain a transfer pricing ruling in the UK Supreme Court in favour of RBC and an oil exploration loan

How to legitimately defer the worst of Canada's departure tax when becoming a non-resident and moving to another country

The departure tax can create a substantial and unforeseen tax bill for the unaware emigrating taxpayer explains tax lawyer and accountant David J. Rotfleisch
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Taxing the wealthy to the hilt would make us all much better off

Western University professor Tom Malleson presents five reasons for levying high taxes on the very rich, from the environment to (reduced) social friction

Sunday News Roundup 22.09.11: EY announces split and more Canadian accounting news 

Wrapping up the odds and ends from the past week in Canadian accounting news