Transfer Pricing

AgraCity Ltd. v. The Queen, case study

Will recent CRA tax court losses result in the toughening of transfer pricing rules?

Free trade or tariffs? How the Biden Administration will affect Canadian, global trade

China the focus of U.S. policy, say Canadian accountants, economists
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What Joe Biden’s climate plan means for Canada

Professor Robert O'Brien of McMaster University details three economic implications of the Biden climate plan
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U.S. election results may suggest ethics no longer matter … just like in Canada

Thought leader Ako Ufodike, FCPA, FCGA on the importance of ethics to voters in Canada and the U.S.
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Ant Group: why America is missing out on the biggest IPO in history

The biggest losers of the fight over Chinese audit transparency will be capital markets and investment funds says Daniel Broby
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The weak dollar: why it won’t be replaced as global reserve currency

We should not expect a new financial order; the US dollar is soft but not for long

The CRA's pursuit of real estate data goes south of the border

Lost tax revenue in the real estate sector has been a key issue for the CRA, say David Piccolo and Jessica Bishara of TaxChambers LLP in Toronto.

Audit keeps failing — here’s why a fundamental change is needed

Recent failures of the auditing profession and Big Four accounting firms proves auditors should be responsible for detecting fraud in financial statements

Do Swiss banks owe your accounting clients money?

Clock is ticking for investors who held Swiss bank accounts to claim reimbursements of retrocessions deemed illegal
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Paying for coronavirus will have to be like war debt — spread over generations

There is no magic money tree in economics, says Anton Muscatelli

Accounting profession publishes views on beneficial ownership transparency

CPA Canada and IFAC joint report on registries as AML tools
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Governments must resist coronavirus lobbying and focus on long-term transformation

Corporations around the world are seeking another massive bailout by taxpayers