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Common misperceptions about the G7 global corporate tax rate pact

Popping some media inaccuracies about the G7 two-pillar framework with Canadian tax lawyer and accountant David J Rotfleisch
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Tooth or Consequences: The Perils of Online Tax Filing

Allan Lanthier explains a recent case in the UK Supreme Court, HMRC v Tooth, and its consequences in a Canadian context

Dealing with Canada – Challenges and opportunities for global wealth and tax planners

Rahul Sharma and Jennifer A. N. Corak of Miller Thomson LLP present three common scenarios of non-Canadian or foreign trusts where Canada's Income Tax Act rules intersect with the international wealth planning of taxpayers

How global tax dodging costs lives: New research shows a direct link to increased death rates

What is the human cost of revenue losses through tax avoidance and tax evasion?

OECD Report: The role of corporations in fighting white collar crime enablers

OECD report recommends actions to battle global white collar crime accomplices

Seven Canadians in Practice Ignition 2020 Top 50 Women in Accounting

Recognizing female accounting and bookkeeping professionals globally

Federal Court takes hard look at scope of protection available to official mark

Intellectual Property Lawyer John McKeown looks at a recent Federal Court decision involving CPA Ontario and the CPA official mark
Transfer Pricing

Key takeaways from Supreme Court's termination of Cameco transfer pricing saga

The gulf will continue to grow between Canadian tax law and OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines, says Steve Suarez of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Business valuation, climate change guide published by CPA Canada, A4S partners

The A4S Essential Guide to Valuations and Climate Change is part of The Prince of Wales’s Accounting for Sustainability Project
Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing in the time of COVID-19

How the consequences of COVID-19 impact TP reporting and compliance is complex, say Claire M.C. Kennedy and Hennadiy Kutsenko of Bennett Jones

Corporation tax: ‘race to bottom’ may be ending after 40 years — here’s why it never made sense

The Canadian corporate tax rate follows decades-long global pattern of reduction

CRA moves forward with international audits despite continued backlog

Despite the current pandemic, Canada continues to combat international tax evasion, reports Elizabeth Egberts and Laurie Goldbach of BLG