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Pandemic bonds: The financial cure we need for COVID-19?

Some healthy skepticism is warranted when considering the social value of catastrophe bonds
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Coronavirus: A simple way to keep workers — and the economy — from getting sick

Governments have an economic tool to use against COVID-19: Unemployment Insurance
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Stocks are plummeting — could coronavirus cause a recession?

Economies with strong ties to China could be in for a rocky road ahead

Canadian accountants sign global climate change statement

CPA Canada aligns with global accounting bodies to address climate change
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Three financial firms could change the direction of the climate crisis

And few people have any idea, say three researchers of popular passive investment funds known as ETFs
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Ottawa should forget about limiting interest expense deductibility

Allan Lanthier on the OECD's proposal to limit excessive debt leveraging
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Carbon pricing may be overrated, if history is any indication

History proves radical technological change can be achieved by state intervention

What risk does coronavirus pose to Canadian auditors?

Securities regulator issues statement following UK, US audit watchdogs
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€55 billion cum-ex trading scandal has scary parallels with Enron

The robbery of the century in Germany resembles the Enron accounting case
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Coronavirus: The blow to the Chinese economy could be felt for years

Coronavirus is disrupting global supply chains and the Chinese manufacturing sector, says Chusu He.
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Canada-U.K. free trade: A post-Brexit opportunity

CETA provides a model for a U.K.-EU deal, it can also be the template for a Canada-U.K. deal, says economics professor Eugene Beaulieu
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France-US skirmish over Amazon digital tax

Shows why the century-old international tax system is broken, says Professor Ruth Mason