How coronavirus is changing the rules on foreign investment in essential areas

The COVID-19 crisis appears to be speeding up the deglobalization process
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Accounting for COVID-19 economics: Same as the Great Recession?

Part two of our series on the COVID-19 pandemic and economic models
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It could take two years for the economy to recover from the coronavirus pandemic

Past-pandemic studies suggest current economic outlook, says accounting figure Steven Salterio
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CRA Audit Activity: The Calm Before The Storm?

Trump's tax cuts and deficit spending will increase CRA's vigorous audit activities
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Oil crash explained: How are negative oil prices even possible?

On Monday, oil futures’ contracts ended the day at -US$37
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Is socialism coming back under Covid-19?

Government intervention is unprecedented in the current crisis
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How to avoid a coronavirus debt crisis?

Issue a new type of government bonds linked to GDP, says Costas Milas
Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing & APA considerations during an economic disruption

Mark Kirkey of Gowling WLG on transfer pricing in the new economic reality
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Corporate debt is in serious trouble — here’s what it means if the market collapses

Companies are entering a period of uncertainty at high levels of corporate debt, says Jefferson Frank
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Pandemic bonds: The financial cure we need for COVID-19?

Some healthy skepticism is warranted when considering the social value of catastrophe bonds
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Coronavirus: A simple way to keep workers — and the economy — from getting sick

Governments have an economic tool to use against COVID-19: Unemployment Insurance
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Stocks are plummeting — could coronavirus cause a recession?

Economies with strong ties to China could be in for a rocky road ahead