Will he stay or will he go? The Kawhi Leonard saga

Ka'whi Canadian tax may not be so bad for Leonard, says Adam Scherer, CPA, CA

Media content future belongs to video gamers, says Deloitte

Opportunities for accountants as video gaming hits critical mass
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How NBA salary caps hurt the Toronto Raptors

The Raptors have made the NBA finals! But what are their chances of signing Kawhi Leonard under a salary cap?

Millionaires are fleeing their homelands for Canada

New World Wealth survey says Canada is the third top destination in the world for migrating high net worth individuals, an opportunity for Canadian accountants.
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Explainer: What is modern monetary theory?

An explanation of modern monetary theory for Canadian accountants

How government deficits fund private savings

A look at Liberal deficit spending through Modern Monetary Theory

Paradise Papers, new VDP not government's panacea in 2019

Was it worth changing the VDP program for 100 Paradise Papers audits?

Is Big Tech a threat to Big Four Audit?

A new report from Source Global Research looks at challenger brands to the Big Four

Canadian tax advisory market lags behind global growth

Global growth driven by complex cross-border tax changes, risk and automated managed services

Canada leads world in digital transformation market growth

Deloitte knocked off top spot in global market, says Source Global Research

What is the brand value of the Big Four accounting firms?

Global commercial services brands rank in the top 100 of global brands

Lebouthillier makes bold additions to offshore tax evasion committee

Tax professors Alepin, Cockfield appointed to controversial group